Investment Strategy

Elion Partners' investment strategy, developed through years immersed in real estate investing and management, is to identify assets with unlocked value, develop a clear and coherent plan for unlocking that value, and implement the plan through active management and unrelenting attention to detail.

Elion Partners targets unique value-add investment opportunities that offer the potential for high risk-adjusted returns by applying the principals' knowledge and expertise. Identifying undervalued assets in need of stable capital and creative execution, Elion seeks to acquire at or below replacement cost and below the cost of neighboring properties.

By leveraging its extensive, long-standing relationship network, the team currently focuses on primarily off-market opportunities while remaining flexible, allowing the market to determine the best approach, whether acquiring to reposition or acquiring to develop.

Investment Process

In executing its strategy, Elion Partners employs a rigorous bottom-up investment process focused on fundamentals and guided by strict investment criteria to ensure that the principals' exacting standards are applied in all critical investment decisions.

Elion Partners' acquisition criteria is disciplined and bound to its underwriting process. Sound real estate fundamentals and a rigorous filtering process results in only the best investment opportunities. The Investment Committee seeks to maintain a long-term hold perspective, thoroughly analyzing downside scenarios in order to identify and mitigate the key risks of each investment.

As with any investment strategy, real estate has its inherent risks. Elion Partners mitigates these risks proactively through careful analysis, attention to detail, hands-on management, and seamless execution.