Firm News, Insights Jun 12, 2018 Elion Partners

Elion Joins Industry Leader TPG Capital on Private Equity International Panel

Elion Partners Joins Industry Leader TPG Capital on Private Equity International Panel

This month, Kaylee McCall Correa, Elion Partners’ Director of Investor Relations and Business Development, presented at Private Equity International’s Investor Relations New York Conference. McCall Correa was joined by Andrew Tirbeni: Vice President of Fundraising at TPG Capital, and Jill Montera, Vice President of Customer Success, Altiva, a fully integrated Salesforce-centric solution in private equity. On the panel, speakers discussed how to best leverage technology in the investor relations and fundraising process.

This conference presentation was particularly timely as Elion seeks to close its high-performing fund, EREF IV, and commence fundraising for additional investment vehicles. As a member of the firm’s Asset Management and Investment Committees, McCall Correa has been an integral part of the firm’s closed-end funds, EREF II, III and IV, as well as in its standalone permanent capital vehicles. She shared with the audience some keys to Elion’s success in partnership with the management team, with a focus on how leveraging technology in the Investor Relations function can fuel fundraising strategy. She showcased how Elion is increasingly applying best practices within client relationship management systems, marketing materials, data rooms, data visualizations, data connectivity, and managing data to gain the most useful insights into its investor base and amply address their evolving needs. Other topics covered by panelists included: big data; IT security and protecting investor data; and utilizing software for portfolio reporting.