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How E-Commerce is Transforming Real Estate

Location, Location, Logistics

Location, Location, Logistics

*this article was published by Shlomo Khoudari, Managing Partner on LinkedIn

Throughout history, people have paid top dollar to acquire homes, businesses, and facilities in or near population centers with good schools, commercial districts, and accessibility to transportation. The phrase “location, location, location” is thought to have originated as early as 1926, and since then has been used as a cliché, albeit a true one, as the underlying reasoning for how real estate properties are priced. Today, the rise of e-commerce, and all the operations that go along with it, have significantly changed how consumers shop and where they are spending their money, and therefore what is important in pricing real estate. As people consider where to buy homes and businesses, there is a new phrase heard around the industry: “location, location, logistics.”

In 2017, U.S. online retail grew at its fastest pace since 2011, reaching…continue reading