Insights Apr 24, 2019 Elion Partners

Millennials Driving Real Estate Opportunities

Millennials Driving Real Estate Opportunities

*this article was published by Shlomo Khoudari, Managing Partner on LinkedIn

One of our recent retail transactions brought along additional surprises for our team at Elion Partners, a real estate investment firm specializing in the logistics, multifamily and mixed-use asset classes. This week,, the pre-eminent real estate industry magazine, named our deal in the Minneapolis region one of “The Best of 2018.” Additionally, a few months back, Harvard University invited us to present a case study on that same project.

Upon reflection, we realize we wouldn’t have achieved what we did on that development without our analysis of recent shifting trends driven by everyone’s favorite (and least favorite) topic: millennials.

A quick summary of the deal:

We partnered with local government officials in the Minneapolis suburb of Woodbury, Minnesota to transform an abandoned corporate campus, and “urbanize” it into a…continue reading