About Us

Fiduciary and operator.

Vertically integrated with institutional-grade capabilities.

Elion Partners is a vertically integrated real estate investment firm with an investment philosophy that is deeply rooted in fundamental experience across both the operational and financial facets of the real estate industry.

Our firm is led by specialists who believe that retaining talent with extensive industry-specific experience is the key to success in the current investment environment. This approach ensures that our acquisition teams have a deeper understanding of how to assess the value of an asset. We are highly engaged in the day-to-day management of every property to ensure operational quality in support of value appreciation.

We at Elion serve as stewards of our clients' capital. We approach real estate investing with the mind of wealth managers, focusing on the preservation of long-term capital. Additionally, our partners invest their own capital in each of the firm's funds to ensure the utmost alignment of interests and transparency.


Elion Partners was founded in 2010 and today, Elion's leadership team has more than nine decades of commercial real estate investment and operational experience in several core U.S. markets.

Over the past eight years, Elion has grown from one closed-end private equity fund to five — two of which are fully-cycled — and four additional single asset, permanent capital investment vehicles, representing more than $1.5 billion in real estate assets. Our entrepreneurial business culture allows for quick, nimble execution with a relationship-driven focus.

The key to our success has been in our ability to anticipate industry trends and adapt our strategy to source the best opportunities.