About Us

Elion Partners is a real estate investment firm that mainly operates through two investment vehicles: Closed-end funds, known as the Elion Fund series, as well as open-end funds, known as the Adar Series.

Formed in 2010, the principals of Elion sought to create an institutional-grade investment platform targeting high-quality commercial real estate across multiple regions of the continental United States. By utilizing both closed-end funds, known as the Elion Fund series, as well as open-end funds, known as the Adar Series, Elion executes on opportunistic, value-add, core-plus and core investment strategies.

Elion is able to create the market instead of chasing it by executing on a bottom-up approach, grounded in a disciplined execution of core real estate fundamentals. In order to keep outside efforts in line with corporate goals, Elion works with a select group of highly accomplished partners on development projects. The team focuses on sourcing opportunities from established relationships that result in direct negotiations with the owner of the real estate. In many occasions, these opportunities come from repeat, trusted relationships.

Elion’s principals make significant capital commitments in every investment vehicle, which creates a direct alignment of interest with its investors. When Elion succeeds, its investors succeed.


In 2010, the founders launched Elion Real Estate Fund I, a new cycle of investing open to a select group of private high net worth investors.

Following the attractive returns of Fund I, the firm gradually expanded its investor base with the deployment of Elion Real Estate Fund II, Fund III and the Adar investment series of special purpose vehicles, aimed at long term yield generation and value appreciation. Not only did the firm expand its investor base, but also adapted its acquisition criteria to focus on current opportunities in the market.

Today, Elion Partners continues to target acquisitions in strategic geographic locations while expanding its core group of best-in-class local joint venture partners.