Elion Intelligence (“E.I.”) places asset management at the intersection between data analytics and investment operations by incorporating research and data into portfolio and risk management activities.

Data Science

Augmented Decision-Making, Strategies, Deal Sourcing & Disposition

The E.I. platform streamlines processes and encourages collaboration, allowing Elion to manage and incorporate research and data into its portfolio and execute risk management activities more efficiently. By combining the Firm’s embedded expertise in real estate fundamentals with improved vision toward population demographics and behavioral data, data science empowers Elion’s team to better understand growth-driving trends and unlock value-creation solutions.

Investment Management

Business Analytics, Automated Workflows, Reporting & Data Integration

Automated workflows and augmented reporting are streamlined through E.I.’s investment management platform, enabling the Elion team to operate more efficiently and innovate daily.

Capital Platforms

Digital Infrastructure, Investor Onboarding & Investor Services

Our enhanced capital markets platform hosts the onboarding, fundraising process and reporting experience, facilitating seamless execution for our capital partners.


Utilizing utility data automation, E.I. will centralize ESG data at the asset and portfolio level, providing more efficient reporting to investors and innovative performance benchmarking techniques. Elion’s in-house data science capabilities allow it to collect information from third-party service providers and overlay additional ESG elements, such as climate risk exposure and regulatory requirements, in its target markets.

Thought Leadership

As a technology-enabled investment manager, Elion’s in-depth expertise and breadth of resources range from real estate operations, fund management, asset management, leasing, and capital markets to data science, data engineering, software development, and User Interface/User Experience design.