Our Impact

Investing Responsibly

As stewards of capital, our investment decisions effect the long-term well-being of our people, partners, communities and future generations. That is why operating by a set of responsible investing principles is integral to our corporate culture, strategy and investment decision-making process.

Through our investments, we preserve and protect over $1.5 billion in assets across our investment vehicles. We work to create lasting value for our capital partners and society at large by committing to operate with the utmost integrity, knowing our actions can help create jobs, strengthen local communities, and impact where people live and work.


Elion's Responsible Investing Principles

  • Environmental

    Reducing our environmental impact through measurable and sustainable actions

  • Value-add investment strategy

    Taking care of our team members and communities through empowerment, involvement and economic development

  • Governance

    Being transparent with our stakeholders about Elion’s responsible investing goals, initiatives and results


Elion integrates relevant Environmental, Social and Governance factors into the firm’s culture and prioritizes initiatives based on the value it can create for our stakeholders. We believe that responsible investing should not be the exception, but instead the standard by which we operate.

ESG is at the forefront of every investment decision we make. This commitment is affirmed across the organization and is a standard part of the investment and asset management processes. We believe integrating responsible investment principles into everything we do enhances our assessment of risk and ultimately drives value.


Our team is our most valued asset. We strive to empower people by creating a culture of inclusion, diversity and social responsibility. This plays a critical role in how we attract and retain talent. We believe that by fostering human capital our people will be empowered to make lasting economic impacts within their communities.

Professionals at Elion are encouraged to donate their time to organizations committed to ESG principles, serve as board members for nonprofits, or volunteer their time.


We work to reduce our environmental impact across our portfolio and at each one of our office locations. Through monitoring our ecological footprint, we strive to regulate our waste, consumption and energy usage.

Our commitment to sustainability is not only incorporated into our development projects, but also into our existing portfolio properties. We work to improve existing buildings by incorporating relevant energy-efficient upgrades to reduce operating costs and add value.