Elion Joins Federal Partnership on Supply Chain Data Infrastructure

Elion becomes the Second Logistics Real Estate Participant in an Initiative to Improve Supply Chain Data Flow

To increase transparency and improve the flow of goods across the global supply chain, Elion Partners (“Elion” or the “Firm”), a leading logistics real estate investment management firm, today announced its partnership with Freight Logistics Optimization Works (“FLOW”). This collaboration marks an important milestone in the Firm’s commitment to fostering innovation and efficiency in the logistics sector.

The U.S. Federal Government invited Elion as the second logistics real estate participant to join the FLOW initiative as a key stakeholder since its inception in 2022. This partnership signifies a significant step in leveraging real estate assets to improve supply chain operations.

“As a logistics real estate specialist, Elion’s national portfolio of first and last-mile assets plays a unique and pivotal role in the global supply chain,” said Michael Stellino, Senior Managing Director at Elion. “We are thrilled to contribute our wealth of data and expertise to enhance this program further, strengthening the movement of goods nationally. We are optimistic that the public-private entities‘ collaborative efforts will play an important role in creating a more informed and resilient supply chain.”

What is FLOW?

FLOW is an information and data-sharing initiative of the Federal Government’s Supply Chain Disruptions Task Force. This Task Force intends to pilot freight information exchange in response to supply chain transparency and vulnerabilities exposed and heightened during the pandemic. Less than 60 participating public-private organizations are working with the Federal Government to develop a beta, proof-of-concept tool intended to ease supply chain congestion, speed up the movement of goods, and ultimately benefit end consumers through lower costs and shorter wait times.

What problem is FLOW solving?

Today, private companies almost entirely operate the supply chain and logistics industry. From shipping lines, ports, terminal operators, truckers, and warehouses to cargo owners, there is a lack of transparency and data sharing among the players. As cargo moves, this lack of information exchange results in supply chain delays, increasing costs and supply chain fragility.

How will Elion contribute to FLOW?

Given its role in the global supply chain, the Federal Government asked Elion to join the FLOW initiative. Elion has an in-house technology and data science team and a proprietary technology platform called Elion Intelligence (“E.I.”). E.I. leverages powerful data insights on industry trends and property-level metrics in each core coastal market where Elion invests. Elion will be part of the working group of public-private companies that evaluate opportunities to increase information sharing across the U.S. supply chain, providing individual asset information daily into aggregated supply and demand information anonymously, such as total incoming demand for warehouse space.

What are the benefits of participating in FLOW?

The U.S. Department of Transportation will provide Elion with aggregate incoming container demand and supply-side asset availability through FLOW. With this information, Elion will have a preview window into supply chain performance to enhance overall fluidity and maximize asset utilization, contributing to Elion’s data set within E.I.

About Elion

Elion is a vertically integrated investment manager specializing in the logistics real estate sector. With a strong focus on data-informed strategies and a diverse team with industrial domain knowledge, the firm manages $3.6 billion[1] in gross real estate assets (as of June 30, 2023). The Firm is headquartered in Miami, with offices in New York, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C. 

[1]Gross real estate assets under management as of June 30, 2023. AUM calculation is valued internally and includes uninvested capital commitments. AUM includes industrial properties in addition to historical investments in other commercial real estate property types.